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The Michelin MX Nationals will enter its 10th season in 2023. Built by a passion for the sport our aim is to create an elite level championship for the UKs best riders. 

A platform for riders to showcase their talents to the world and benefit from our live stream footage at every race.

280 riders

The maximum number of riders at each event.

10 Classes

Classes start with SW/BW85, MXY1/2 Youth, Clubmen MX1/2, Amatuer MX1/2, Expert MX MX1/2 through to Pro. Fastest 40

5 Rounds

Leaders at finding and developing new circuits around the UK.


Affordable Prices

During these trying economic times, we do our best to produce a quality weekend event of top Motocross action at aprice that is still affordable whether your a rider or spectator.

MX Nationals Production Team

We are very lucky to have a dedicated group of helpers, some who have been with us since year one.

Event Safety

Your safety is our concern from the moment you arrive through to when you leave the event.

State of the art Equipment

MXGP Startpads through to the latest
timing equipment


Without the help and support of our fantastic partners, the MX Nationals would not be possible.

Click the logos below to visit our partner’s websites.